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Hi Lyn



She loves the baby and the baby cot!! I feel bad when I have to interrupt the cat nap in the cot to put the baby to bed !! At night both the cats sleep with me and my husband. She has an excellent temperament and copes with my 4 year old boy really well. She is well loved by her family and very spoilt. Her name is nahla. She walks on a lead to play in the garden, and knows to go to the front door when I get the lead, like a dog, she also fetches her cat toys. She also knows bedtime, I take my dressing gown off and she runs to the bedroom and assumes her position with our other cat, Kitty soft paws! They get on so well and love to play together. I will send a few more photos soon.

If you are up this way anytime feel free to stop by and visit her.








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Kippers is doing very well but is naughty haha!! He is growing quick & eats like a horse! He's gorgeous & loves cuddles and purrs so loud! He has never had an accident with his toiletting and never cries at night time :) He's beautiful & we love him! Hope you are well, will txt you some pics ;)





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Hi Lyn

I cant measure the value and the delight your puss has brought to this household. He is fearless, friendly and funny and particularly where my daughter is concerned.

His personality is obviously due to the atmosphere in your home when raising your litters and I am so grateful to you. He has, as I mentioned softened the effects of losing my beloved Phil puss.

Flynne's behaviour is coincidentally very similar - he lies very still belly up in my arms - he likes eye contact and likes to play lying on his back paws grabbing and rolling from side to side. Mostly with

retracted claws. He is so thorough and clean in the litter box he never leaves any sign that his been. Such good personal hygiene you'd be so proud of him.


I must tell you - the first night - horror of horrors - he fell in the bath - he settled in so well jumping up on everything - I had just lifted my daughter out of the bath which I make quite full was watching him and

thinking I must shut the door because he was literally jumping up on anything he perceived as higher ground. As he ran into the bathroom I was right behind him and up he went and P L O P into the pleasantly warm

but deep bath i grabbed in out - tried to towel him dry but without a change of pace he jumped down gave himself a bit of a lick and off again. The bathroom door is always shut but he hasnt attempted to do it again -

instead puts his paws on the edge of the bath and watches us bathing. He is so curious.


He stays around my daughter and puts up with a the occasional 'grab' simply moves away and later goes back again. As she drank a glass of milk I found him sitting on her lap curiously looking up.

When Tahira is in my bed after a bath while I watch T V. he keeps her entertained by bouncing all over the bed when she moves her legs chasing the action - I hear her giggling with delight.

We all love him and that includes Eliza my other puss - not sure if she thinks of him as a brother or son. They play constantly and then I find her grooming him - paws around his neck and

vigorously licking his face - whilst he licks her paws. She shepherds him around the garden and stays watching him. I do let him out now into the back garden and the front when I'm out there he seems to know there are

boundaries and Eliza knows and herds him up. When he went up the mulberry tree she was so concerned she kept going up to him and coming down over and over until he followed to a spot where I could lift him out.

Incredible. He is becoming adventurous but seems to observe the boundaries and comes as soon as I call. But stays close anyway he has just settled down on the ironing board beside me.

If I say his name he immediately starts purring. He is growing so rapidly and loves his food (same as the sachets which you left.) and prawns in the evening.


Will send you photos soon - I also have difficulty in removing them from my iphone - Ill figure it out a little better.





Kind regards and thanks